The work on this page was created for JAMIT Publishing under the ownership of Bill Bonebrake and later for The JAMIT Company owned by Doug and Christine Ogden.

While working for JAMIT Publishing I created notecard graphics for several popular foil notecards using Adobe Illustrator, created greeting card templates for images photographed by Bill Bonebrake and John Fielder among others, and created a catalog for the photographic imagery, as well as custom templates for images and messages printed inside of the greeting cards. I also updated and maintained the website, adding new product, deleting old product, and updating the front page.

When the company transfered to new ownership, I created new brochures and modified the card template I created as well as other product that needed to be switched to the new name. I also managed the Squarespace website.

JAMIT Publishing

Spring 2013 JAMIT Publishing Catalog

Photography by Bill Bonebrake
(Click on the image to download the 2013 Spring catalog)

JAMIT Publishing Catalog

Greeting Card Template

Photography by Bill Bonebrake

Greeting Card Template

Foil Images

Foil images were created by myself with direction from Bill Bonebrake
The images were used for foil cards, guest books, and journals.

Cabin and BearTwin Elk

Mountain Bikers Deer

The JAMIT Company

The JAMIT Company Foil Catalog Brochure

This catalog was created for the new company to replace the outdated black and white foil image catalog. The goal was to show the product itself rather than just show the foil image as well as create a standard template for product brochures.

Foil Card Catalog

Guestbook Catalog

Ad for JAMIT Company

(Landscape photographs by Bill Bonebrake, product photograph by myself)

This ad was created to advertise the location of The JAMIT Company booth at a gift show, advertising the new owners, showing booth location, contact information, and a sample of the product.

The JAMIT Company Ad