Wonder Dudes
These covers were created for the Wonder Dudes in Gamesoft World retro game podcast. I used characters and themes from the game topics covered to create covers for individual episodes.

Sonic Tuesday

This was the cover for the Sega games Sonic 2 and Sonic CD episode. The idea was to have the series villain, Eggman, mocking the player, as he did in the games. I thought the flower background reflected the flowers in the earlier levels of Sonic games and gave it a campy 70s feel as well, so I tried to make it like a 70s record cover. "Sonic Tuesday" refers to the original release date of Sonic 2,
which fell on a Tuesday.

Sonic 2 cover

Before editing and text


Mother 1 Cover

This was for coverage of the Nintendo game Mother 1, published in the United States as Earthbound Beginnings. I wanted to represent the main characters and give the image a wistful, mysterious, but still playful feel, similar to the feel of the game itself.

Mother 1 cover

Uncropped, unedited version

Mother 1 not cropped

Halcyon Days

This was for the episode covering Mega Man Legends. The villains of the series are particularly charming, so I wanted to feature them instead of the heroes. I wanted to portray them as good-natured, about to embark on an adventure, only the sky before them.

Mega Man Legends cover

Sachiko Ever After

For the horror video game Corpse Party I actually wanted to make something horrific, reflected both in the imagery and the lettering. Instead of concentrating on scenery and characters, I thought I could pull both the text and a character from the series, Sachiko, into something that you'd never want to run into in the hallways of the haunted school where the game takes place.

Sachiko Cover

While the above image was the one used for the podcast, I also liked this version, portrayed as if the viewer was wandering the darkened hallways and had just found it with a flashlight.

Unused Flashlight Sachiko Cover