These are other projects that don't fit exactly in another category. They'll each get their own pages but until then they'll go here.

1P Orenji

This was a design for an as of yet imaginary gaming company that creates games aimed at girls and boys who don't mind playing games aimed at girls, 1P Orenji, a part of the Orenji Finchi line. The idea was to create something that made reference to gaming, 1P as in 1-Player, and the cross pad and buttons composing the face being obvious references to a controller. The bright colors are for appeal, but also to emulate the neon colors of old arcade cabinets.

Thumbnail Development

Black & White Version


Alternate Solutions

The Owl

This was work for The Owl restaurant in Greenville, North Carolina. I was asked to design the website as well as an ad for the restaurant before it opened using the owl illustratred by another designer. The site was designed so that the menu could be updated easily by the owner.

The Owl Ad Owl Menu Site

Orenji Finchi

Orenji Finchi was my own self-branding project. Combining my own last name and favorite color the idea is a graphic design and illustration company for the young and young at heart. You probably noticed that the design transfered easily to the front page of this site!

Orenji Finchi logo