For the past 6 years I've redesigned and updated the packaging used at JAMIT Publishing. Our boxing when I started was a hard-backed box with printed image, but as we lost our box supplier, we had to come up with a solution that didn't use a box. We switched to a clear outside box with inserts, giving us the opportunity to create a box that could easily be modified in-house. While the original boxes existed before I was with the company, I created the templates in Illustrator for both versions from scratch.

JAMIT Publishing original box

Photographs by Bill Bonebrake

JAMIT Original Box frontJAMIT Original Box back
JAMIT Original Box frontJAMIT Original Box back

example of a completed box

example box

New Templates for plastic boxes for
JAMIT Publishing and The JAMIT Company

JAMIT new box template

The latest version of the box did away with the front cover and simply used a card for the front cover of the box.

JAMIT Company latest box template


This was a class project to create a box that fit 2 mason jars. My task was to make something that wasn't cute and didn't use my own illustrations. After the idea for a box that celebrated the 80s (complete with Ronald Reagan saying "I paid for this mason jar!"), I moved towards the wrestler André the Giant, who would no doubt be the spokesman for my mason jars. I wanted it to be over the top and visually representative of strong mason jars.
The entire box is one piece printed on both sides. When produced at full size it holds 2 mason jars.

Strongest Mason Jars Front

Strongest Mason Jars Back

Box Template Outside

template outside

Box Template Inside

template inside