This work was mostly created in Adobe Illustrator. Though some of them are student projects, many were used as ads, as marked.

Student Show Posters

All of these were created for student art shows at the Community College of Aurora. The challenge was to create imagery for an exhibition that I didn't have any imagery. Instead I used imagery that I associated with art and the theme of the show. With exception of the Spring 2014 show poster, which combined cut paper with Adobe Illustrator, they were chosen to advertise the show and displayed around the school.

Spring 2014 Student Show Poster

Spring 2014 Poster

Fall 2014 Student Show Poster

Fall 2014 Poster

Spring 2015 Student Show Poster

Spring 2015 Poster

Kyoto Poster

For this poster I researched vintage travel posters for Japan, specifically Kyoto. I scanned different patterned paper and cut and re-arranged it in Illustrator to give it the flat appearance of vintage travel posters.

Kyoto Poster

Human Rights Poster: Article 13

This was created as a visual representation of Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I used the image of a wall and large text to convey the image of people not being able to cross borders. The small gap emphasizes the idea that it's a wall and that it's not just a display of 2-point linear perspective.

Human Rights Poster Article 13

Infographic for Computer Science

This was created to advertise the Computer Science department of the Community College of Aurora. I wanted to create something that was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that would be at home in an 80s "COMPUTERS ARE COOL!" commercial, but that also communicated its message clearly. In short, I wanted it to be fun, cute, and effective.
Unfortunately the full piece is much too long to easily show on this page, but you can click the image to download the pdf.