Limited Page
These projects were either single page or at least less pages than a full article or book so they didn't fit in the multi-page section.

On the Road

For this project, I was given an excerpt from Jack Kerouac's On the Road and was instructed to create a two-page spread. I pulled an image of Allen Ginsburg from the internet that I thought best fit the script, modified the image by cutting out the background, and fit the text with the image.

On the Road

Cook Book Pages

This was a project to redesign a cover and two pages of
Necessities and Temptations by The Junior League of Austin.

Cookbook Cover

Cookbook spread

Educational Brochure

The goal of this project was to take a common household object and make a brochure about it. I decided to make it about the history and use of the swing arm lamp, drawing cute characters, hand-writing the text, and keeping the lines rough to give it a naive appearance.

brochure cover

inner flap



brochure outside file